National Social Action Overview

Delta is social action.


To promote advocacy, leadership and empowerment to affect social change and public policy.

Social Action is a/an…

  • Opportunity to advocate for policies and legislation
  • Mobilization of Chapters, Members, and Representatives in advocating for predetermined positions and objectives
  • Vehicle to establish a position on an issue


Legislative Priorities                                       Civil Engagement
District of Columbia’s Statehood                        Voter Education
Economic Justice                                                   Voter Engagement
Federal Anti-lynching Legislation                      Voter Mobilization
Redistricting                                                           Voter Protection
Reimagining Public Safety                                   Voter Rights
Student Loan Debt Crisis


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated has created Delta for Women in Action (D4) as an independent 501(c)(4), Delta-affiliated, nonprofit social welfare and advocacy organization.

As a newly created and independent 501(c)(4) social welfare and advocacy organization, D4 Women in Action constitutes a vehicle through which the public policy objectives, legislative priorities and targeted candidacies for public office which are reflected in and valued by the legacy of Delta can be significantly enhanced in a concerted and sustained manner. D4 Women in Action seeks to enhance the political presence of Black women in the public policy, legislative and political arenas, and to build a pipeline of Black women engaged in enhanced, concerted and sustained social action, civic engagement and involvement in public affairs and the political process.


Delta Research and Educational Foundation - Women's Funding Network

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. established the Delta Research and Educational Foundation (DREF) as a public charity supporting scholastic achievement, public service programs, and research initiatives focused upon African American women.

Today, DREF remains strong, vibrant, and poised to meet 21st-century challenges with the same unwavering spirit and dedication the Sorority originally envisioned. Our charge to realize social and economic equality for future generations of African American women continues as our guiding principle.

Over the years, Delta Research and Educational Foundation has directed its charitable giving to program initiatives reflected in our founding mission. Whether Delta-inspired national collaborations, or local Delta chapter initiatives; each program grant addresses our values-based objective to find sustainable solutions that increase economic opportunity, and create boundless possibilities for African American women, now and into the future.

We carry out our mission through:

  • Fund development,
  • Grant-making and program partnerships,
  • Charitable giving services for local Delta chapters,
  • Community-based project support, and
  • Research and public dialogue on socioeconomic policy issues.

Partnerships for Change

Through partnerships, DREF maximizes the effectiveness of its financial resources, while heightening community awareness, and offering life-changing experiences to the people we serve. Our resource-leveraging strategy not only expands our programmatic reach but also broadens the base of concern and involvement on issues affecting the lives of African American women, our families, and our communities.

Our Living Legacy

The Delta Research and Educational Foundation’s Center for Research on African American Women holds the distinction of being the first-of-its-kind repository of information about the social and economic characteristics of African American women. Established in 1997, and co-sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., The Center examines the complex factors influencing African American women’s lives. Research findings are released during The Center’s Annual Forum or published in The Center’s scholarly journal. The Center’s Fellowship program contributes to the vitality and timeliness of its work and ensures that focused research on issues affecting African American women continues uninterrupted.